“Culture does not isolate” – this is the title of the spectacular dossier with which the island of Procida convinced the jury to vote for itself as the capital of culture in 2022. The island of Procida, with an area of ​​about 4 sq. km, can be easily visited in a day starting from the island of Ischia, which is only a few kilometers away. There are daily connections throughout the year from the harbours of Casamicciola and Ischia Porto, while during the tourist season excursions also depart from the harbour of Forio.

Procida has preserved its intimate and authentic identity as a fishing village: its small size allows it to be explored on foot, but also by moped or bicycle.

Upon arrival in Procida, the Marina Grande area welcomes the visitors with its characteristic pastel-colored houses that are reflected in the sea. On the main square, in addition to bars, restaurants and kiosks, there are bus stops and taxis that connect the harbour with other destinations on the island.

Terra Murata and Palazzo D’Avalos, the highest point on the island

Some musts during the visit to the island, are the village of Terra Murata and the majestic Palazzo D’Avalos, the historic core of Procida, which dominate the center of the island at almost 90 meters above sea level: the steep climb will be rewarded by one of the most beautiful in the area. Here you can visit the former Bourbon prison (visit to be booked online on the website of the Municipality of Ischia) and stroll through the narrow streets of the old quarter up to the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo. Terra Murata can also be reached by bus, or on foot through the alleys, enjoying the extraordinary panorama of the Gulf of Naples and Ischia.


Marina di Corricella with its colorful houses

From Terra Murata it is easy to get to Marina Corricella, the oldest village on the island. Together with Sant’Angelo and Ischia Ponte, Marina Corricella represents a nucleus of history, art and culture. Those arriving from the sea can observe the spectacle of shapes and colors of the colorful fishermen’s houses. The architecture of the small harbour of Marina Coricella is so appreciated that it was used in the world presentation to emphasize the magnificent photographic resolution of Apple’s iPhone 6S. Many excursions depart from the island of Ischia which, before stopping in Marina Grande, pass through the Marina di Corricella. It is the ideal place to have lunch, stopping at one of the many restaurants with tables directly on the pier.


Casale Vascello and medieval architecture

During the visit you cannot miss Casale Vascello, to admire the typical medieval architecture in which the houses, for defensive reasons, had most of the openings, such as windows and balconies, facing inwards and were gathered around a common courtyard. The houses are still inhabited today, but they still maintain an old-time charm.


The most beautiful beaches of Procida

There are many small coves and beaches in Procida, such as Ciraccio and Chiaiolella, with dark sand, which offer sun until late afternoon and crystal clear waters. Chiaia beach is also very beautiful, on the east coast and in front of Ischia: to get there you need to go down a long staircase of 180 steps, but you are rewarded with black sand and shallow waters.


The island of Vivara

Finally, not to be missed is the small crescent-shaped island of Vivara, with a perimeter of just 3 kilometers and connected to Procida by a bridge. Vivara, together with Procida and Ischia, is part of the marine protected area The “Kingdom of Neptune”, where it is possible to take guided boat tours and excursions to discover unique beauties, including a large colony of dolphins and diving to admire the archaeological finds scattered on the seabed.

The typical dishes of Procida

As in Ischia, Procida cuisine also maintains a culinary tradition with strong and rooted characteristics. The sea guarantees fresh fish every day, but there are also lemons and rabbits, fed with natural foods such as lemon leaves, vine wood and grass, which are the basis of delicious land dishes.

Procida’s lemons are called “bread lemons“, large and sweet, they are used for the preparation of the famous lemon salad with mint, oil and salt and for the “lingua di bue“, a puff pastry cake filled with lemon cream.

The seafood dishes not to be missed are:

  • spaghetti with sea urchins, a simple but tasty dish
  • spaghetti with Procida’s “cannocchie”, small sea cicadas
  • paccheri with squid and green peppers
  • Bonito with herbs, a kind of rich tuna for a delicate palate


Where to eat in Procida

To eat fresh fish, we recommend going to the port of Marina Grande, Chiaiolella or Corricella, where several fishing boats arrive every day with seafood and fish caught the same day.

In Marina Grande you can eat near the Marina and at the ferry landing in a very scenic restaurant that makes you seem to get on a sailing ship, called “Albatros”.

Nearby is the “GM Bar” pub, which offers typical and delicious dishes, without spending a fortune: here you can eat the Procida lemon salad, strictly following the original recipe.

The famous trattoria “Da Girone” owned by Ciro and the cuisine of “Crescenzo”, Girone’s brother, are known in Chiaiolella, where you can also taste very refined land-sea combinations.

at the Marina di Corricella there are restaurants with tables arranged directly on the pier and it is possible to eat a delicious dish of ravioli stuffed with ricotta and aubergines with cherry tomatoes and squid, an example is the restaurant “Da Mariano“.

Also in the Marina di Corricella is the spectacular restaurant “Caracalè“, where some scenes of Massimo Troisi’s film “Il postino” were shot. If you are looking for an exclusive place, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view over the bay of Corricella go to the “Lampara”, located on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.

For those who want to live an authentic experience, tasting typical dishes, away from the tourist spots and have a beautiful lemon grove as a setting, they can go to the “La Pergola” restaurant in Via Salette in the center of the island.